Chiropractic Works


At Chiropractic Works our focus is on correcting the overall structure of your spine. So what does a normal spine look like?

From the front your spine should be straight up and down. This can be initially assessed by looking at your posture. Are your shoulders even and level? Is there equal space between your arm and body and do your hands fall at the same spot on your side? When analyzing your posture form the side your head should be balanced over your shoulders. If not these are indications that you may have a structural spinal problem.

Another vitally important feature of a structurally aligned spine is the presence of three smooth curves when viewed from the side. These can not be seen in your posture and must be analyzed on x-ray.

This is why the initial visit in our office consists of a thorough structural analysis of your spine involving detailed measurements of your posture and a series of radiographs to analyze the actual position of your spine. The radiographs also allow us to evaluate if there is any arthritis in the spine which may alter the treatment plan. 

The treatment plan consists of specialized chiropractic adjustments, exercise and traction to correct the structure of the spine. The length of time the initial treatment plan takes differs for everyone, and depends on how far from normal your spine is and if there is any arthritis present. After the initial corrective treatment plan is completed we follow up with a re-evaluation of your spine to see the changes that we have achieved. 

We also require everyone that commits to correcting their spine to attend a spinal care workshop that covers everything you need tot be doing to maintain the health of your spine at home including workstation setup, and sitting, sleeping instructions.